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Replacement Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 Battery 5200mAh

  • Model: IdeaPad Z580
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Type: Brand New Replacement Battery
5200mAh/10.8 V
Color: Black
Cell 6-cell
Size: 206.60 x 50.00 x 20.20 mm
Weight: 312.7 g
Warranty: 12 months warranty
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2~5 75.99
6~10 73.99
More than 10pcs Free shipping
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Use and maintenance of the IdeaPad Z580 Battery

The battery is the key to the notebook computer standby time. To improve endurance capacity, battery-maintenance is essential

  1 New Replacement Lenovo Z580 battery the first charge, charge off (usually more than 12 hours) three times and made a new battery recycling completely wake.
  2 If prolonged use of an external power supply, the best fully charged, remove the IdeaPad Z580 battery cool place. Many of my friends did not noticed this problem, use an external power supply, remove the battery will not only affect battery life, but also so that the heat load becomes heavier, and reduce the battery life of notebook computer.
  3 charge and discharge on a regular basis. Lithium-ion battery with no memory effect there is a certain inertia effect, a long time not to use lithium-ion activity, ranging from the need to re-activate, re-direct broken. If prolonged use of an external power supply does not use the Z580 battery, should be 1-2 times a month batteries(United States).
  4 Charging best to turn off the laptop, the battery can be fully charged, do not unplug the power drop in the charge. The charge off will start charging to shorten the charging time of more than 30%, and can extend Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 battery life. Best 30 minutes after charging is completed.
  5 Lithium battery charge and discharge times are generally not more than 1000 times on one charge, it will shorten the time life. Proposed to use an external power supply, if the use of half-way multiple plug power supply and the laptop built-in battery does not pull out, make battery life shortened because each external power access is equivalent to a Replacement Lenovo Z580 battery charge

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